Monday, February 13, 2012


Being an only child, I was truly blessed with 2 cousins that lived close by and we were able to see frequently.  These two lovely ladies are really my sisters and not only cousins.  We have been through a lot during our lives (like most everyone) and we are great friends.  Both live out of state and were here visiting this week, so we met at a favorite restaurant yesterday.  Without any prior planning, look how color-coordinated we were!!  Ha!  Long live the beautiful blue-green color family!


  1. Sisters are great. Everyone should have one... as long as you're the older sibling and are able to maintain the upper hand. My friend Matt had an older sister who beat up on him all the time. Man, talk about embarrassing. He ended up wearing lots of black clothing, smoked clove cigarettes and listened to Bauhaus albums. It figures. Goth is just another word for, "my sister beats me up."

  2. I always wished these 2 were my real sisters. But this way I guess I had the best of both worlds -- the advantages of being the only child, and then my 2 "sisters"!