Quilting Projects

My very first quilt, a "beginners sampler" set on point.

The next project was a challenge that my LQS sponsored.  We could make anything, just had to use 3 of the provided pack of fabric pieces.  This was my submission:

Then I made a quilt for my 17 year old daughter.  She picked out the fabric (she loves green) and together we made up the fairly simple pattern, just 2 blocks that alternated.

For my 4th project, I started making table runners for 3 of my co-workers.  Sorry, but the photos are not anywhere near professional quality!  Hard to get a good photo of long skinny table-runners!
Then the 2nd table-runner:

The 3rd table-runner:
After all of those, my next project was a quilt for my father, who loves railroad stuff.  My LQS had a whole collection of railroad related fabric, but the quilt sample was made with lots of the black fabric, which I didn't like.  So I made up a fairly simple design that used large half-square triangles and showcased the lighter fabrics of the collection that I did like. (LOL at the antique silver Christmas tree in background!)

My next project was a couple of quilted bags, one of which I don't have a picture of.

This is the last quilt I did, for my mother for Christmas, 2011.

For 2012, I've turned into the "bag lady" with several different bags.  Here's one for a girlfriend who recently became a grandmother, and she wanted a grandma bag.

After bringing in this bag to show to my friends at work, one of my co-workers (Shari) decided she wanted to make one just like it.  We have been making quilted bags ever since! Shari liked it so much she decided that all the women in her family were going to have one for Christmas, and she's now on her 4th bag.  I decided to try a couple of online tutorials for something different and here's the result:
My hubby saw this cute little cosmetic bag and wanted one for himself, so I made him a more manly bag, and a little bit bigger than the original.  Here it is.

While on vacation in June, we visited some friends in Spokane.  I made her a little gift of matching bags, using the Atkinson Zippy Strippy bag pattern.  Here it is:

I just finished making another "grandma bag" this time for my cousin who has just become a grandmother.
This is a variation of Penny Sturges' Chubby Charmer pattern.  Here is her bag:


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