Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long weekend turned into Craft Weekend!

This past holiday long weekend turned into a very very craft weekend!  One of my friends who is proficient in knitting had taught us all how to knit.  (the rest of us would not be considered proficient, ha!)  Then she saw the quilted bag I had made a few weeks ago and wanted to learn to do that.  So we all gathered up our various craft projects and met up on 3 of the 4 days of the long weekend, counting Friday afternoon as one of the days.  The following photos are all from a Google search since I forgot my camera at every stage of the weekend.
This is what we all did for the past several weeks - knitting.  Now we are branching out and doing some other things too!  Before starting the "workshop" for the quilted bag, we had to go shopping for supplies, which involved looking through all the local fabric stores.
Then I taught them how to cut the fabric using the rotary cutter and self-healing mats.

Then we took turns with 2 sewing machines and worked on our various projects.

By the time last night rolled around, my one friend had finished her quilted bag (sorry no photo), another friend had made good progress on a needlepoint project, another one had finished and/or started 2 different coffee cup potholders with ideas for making mini versions as coasters, and another friend had been inspired that she, too, could be a quilter, had dug out her sewing machine, and had made 2 practice blocks!  3 cheers for a very fun and productive weekend.

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