Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New year, new post.

It is now the new year - welcome 2012.  Our Christmas was a very fulfilling time with lots of family present for Christmas dinner (at my folks' place) with 13 people in all.  My dad enjoyed his gift of a new board game "Ticket to Ride" and my mother loved her quilt!  It was a total surprise as I had managed to keep it a secret from her for all those months.

For this long weekend, I'm looking forward to a girls' day where we will be having brunch and then seeing a movie.  We have a Parisiene theme and it should be a really fun time. The next day I attend a quilt class and start on my next quilting project, which is one that I will be keeping for myself instead of giving away.  Currently I'm in the middle of making a "grandma bag" for one of my girlfriends that is turning out really cute.

Here is my mother's quilt:

And here's the new board game (photo off internet) :

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