Thursday, January 26, 2012

January quilting projects

To start off the new year, I began 2 new quilting projects.  One of my girlfriends recently became a grandma (no, I don't feel that old!).  For her birthday I had given her a "gift certificate" for a tote bag that she could choose, and I would make.  So she chose that her bag would be baby-themed and it would become her grandma bag.  Although we shopped for the fabric a couple of months ago, I finally got it started over the New Year's weekend and now it is almost finished.   I hope she'll love it!  It is definitely large enough to hold all the toys and goodies that a grandma could want.  Here's the beginnings of it:

The next project for January is a quilt out of batik fabric that we are going to keep at home instead of giving away.  One of the ladies from my local quilt shop's group has made 3 of these (one for each son) in the same pattern and so she finally taught a class that I took a couple of weekends ago.  Here is the beginning of that quilt.  I just love these beautiful colors:

So I have my work cut out for me for the next few weeks!  And just yesterday I purchased some lovely Civil War reproduction fabric to make yet another new quilt.  2012 is going to be busy!

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  1. Good choice choosing batiks. Aren't they beautiful? My mother made me a quilt using green batiks and I swear it has all the colors of Ireland. They are such expressive fabrics, and they are kind of soothing too. Like tie-dye or something. Right on!