Friday, March 30, 2012

A new different bag

Yes, I know!  It seems that all I've done recently are bags of one kind or another.  But they're so much fun and a different kind of feeling than working on my quilts.  I'll get back to my quilts soon enough.  But for now, I'm trying out bag patterns.  My daughter graduates in June and I have several gifts to make in my near future, so am finding the right ones to make.  The one I'm in the middle of right now is from "Noodlehead" aka Anna Graham, and it is her 241 tote bag pattern.  Here's a photo and it comes with 2 different pocket options:

The pink version is the one sitting on my sewing table....the outside pockets seemed a little easier than the set-in zipper type pockets, so that's what I decided to try.

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