Friday, October 21, 2011

Long time no blog...

Had a very eventful past 2 months!  Transferring my son to a different college, hubby in the hospital for a bad gall bladder attack, then driving my son to his new college with all his dorm stuff, hubby's mother unexpectedly dying and we then had to travel to attend the funeral!  What a lot of stress and grief to be dealing with!  Sad to say, but my quilting was on hold for all of that time.

This week I have finally been able to start it back up and the quilt is really taking shape.  Although it's perfectly square.  I have to decide if I want it to remain square or if I need to fiddle with it to make it a more normal rectangle shape.

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  1. Oh what a good mom you are to help your son move into his dorm! Haha, they made me do that twice a year at my school. We had to move out between semesters, so that meant moving in in September, moving out in December, moving in again in January, and moving out in June. My poor little Ford Ranger pickup got quite a workout!